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Artificial Intelligence AI is the name given to the set of algorithms and techniques aiming at reproducing the sensorial and cognitive abilities of living beings in electronic machines. The sciences involved in the progress of AI are numerous: neuroscience, mathematics, information theory, computer science, electronics, linguistics, etc.
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artificial fertilizer engrais m chimique. artificial flavouring parfum m artificiel or synthétique. an artificial leg une jambe artificielle. artificial light la lumière artificielle. artificial limb prothèse f, membre m artificiel. affected person factice, étudié. an artificial smile un sourire forcé.
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Accusatif Indéfini artificial. Génitif Indéfini artificial. artificial a.ti.fi.jal masculin singulier. Synonymes modifier le wikicode. Antonymes modifier le wikicode. Récupérée de https//fr.wiktionary.org/w/index.phptitleartificialoldid24668505.: Mots en albanais issus dun mot en latin. Adjectifs en albanais. Mots en ancien français issus dun mot en latin.
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Discussions du forum dont le titre comprend les mots artificial." affecté as Affected and as Artificial. artificial cream flavor. Artificial flavours and colours. artificial nonsense or horrible bits. Man gets the world's' first artificial heart. proprietory artificial intelligence. the artificial, but slower, changes brought.
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He was one of the founders of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. n respiration f artificielle. Traduction Dictionnaire Collins Anglais Français nbsp. artificial additive, artificial insemination, artificial intelligence, artificial respiration. le 02/10/2012" classoptnsO" onclickecmthis" eid1270014" tgtl1036" srcl1033" eo000000" uid26859" /.

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